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From Fatwa to Jihad

From Fatwa
to Jihad:
The Rushdie Affair and its Legacy

Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit:
Why Both Sides are Wrong in the Race Debate

Man, Beast and Zombie

Man, Beast
and Zombie:
What Science Can and Cannot Tell us About Human Nature

The Meaning of Race

The Meaning
of Race:
Race, History and Culture in Western Society

Kenan Malik

Television documentaries and other broadcasts


Review by Harry Goulbourne
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies,
vol24, no1 (1998)

Ethnic and Racial Studies,
vol20, no2 (1998)


Review by Sam Pryke
Sociological Review
vol45, no2 (1997)


'The colour purpose', by Desmond King,
Times Higher Education Supplement, 21 March 1997


'Collected works', by Beulah Ainley,
New Scientist, 1 February 1997


'Hue and cry' by Stephen Howe,
New Statesman, 13 December 1996


'Pluralism or equality: A review', by Kaushika Amin,
Runnymede Trust Bulletin, November 1996


'Time for another social revolution', by AC Grayling,
Financial Times, 10&11 August 1996


Review by Keith Harris,
Metapsychology Online , 23 April 2003

'Een academische oorlog’,
by Maarten Derksen,
De Academische Boekengids, no 32, April 2002

Review by Jean-Paul Baquiast,
Les automates intelligents, 9 April 2001


Review by Marcin Szwed,
HMS Beagle, issue 119, 1 February 2002


'Undermining Man' by Noga Arikha,
TLS, 9 February 2001


'Against Dr Panglum' by Ray Tallis,
Prospect, February 2001


'Peace for political animals' by Jonathan Ree
Independent, 16 December 2000


'Losing both soul and self' by Hugh Lawson-Tancred,
Spectator, 2 December 2000


'War of the world views' by Bob Tait,
Glasgow Herald, 18 November 2000


'Whatever happened to free will and reason?'
by John Cornwell,
Sunday Times, 12 November 2000


'The owl of Minerva flies at dusk' by Bryan Appleyard,
Literary Review, November 2000

Taking the beast out of mankind' by Mary Midgley,
London Evening Standard, 23 October 2000

'Scary monsters' by Hugo Barnacle, New Statesman, 23 October 2000


'Reclaiming humanism' by AC Grayling, Independent on Sunday, 22 October 2000

'Just fancy chimps with attitude?' by Christian Tyler, Financial Times, 21&22 October 2000


'How different are humans?' by Anthony Daniels, Sunday Telegraph, 15 October 2000


Are Muslims Hated? (Channel 4, 8 January 2005)


Disunited Kingdom (Channel 4, 29 October 2003)


'The kindness of strangers'
by Mark Pagel, Prospect, June 2008


'Strange Fruit'
by Steve Cave,Financial Times, 14/15 June 2008


'Putting the race cards on the table'
by Ian Hacking, New Scientist, 21 June 2008


Review by Dominic Lawson
Sunday Times, 22 June 2008


'It's not a black and white issue'
by Andrew Anthony, Observer, 29 June 2008


'A very modern malady'
by John Gray,Independent, 4 July 2008


'A different race'
by Robin Walsh,Culture Wars, 9 July 2008


Review by William Leith
Sunday Telegraph, 20 July 2008


Review by Steven Poole
Guardian, 30 August 2008


'Science books of the year'
by Anjana Ahuja Times, 5 December 2009


Review by Nancy Hanover
World Socialist, 8 May 2010


Review by Lindsay Johns
New Humanist, March-April 2009


Review by Stuart Kelly
Scotsman, 5 April 2009


'Why the fatwa is still a burning issue'
by Robert McCrum, Observer, 5 April 2009


Review by Bryan Appleyard
Sunday Times, 5 April 2009


Review by Marcus Dubois, 9 April 2009


Review by Lisa Appignannesi
Independent, 10 April 2009


'Britain since the fatwa'
by Faisal Gazi, Comment is Free, 14 April 2009


Review by Nicholas Blincoe,
Daily Telegraph, 7 May 2009


Review by Arun Kundnani
Institute of Race Relations, I June 2009


Review by VV
Business Standard, 6 June 2009


'Satanic temptations'
by S Prasannarajan, India Today, 13 June 2009


Review by Sanjay Sipahimanali
Hindustan Times, 14 June 2009


'The Devil's advocate'
by Saif Shahin, Mail Today, 21 June 2009


'Open ire'
by Sudeep Paul, Indian Express, 28 June 2009


'Modernists in medieval clothing'
by Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal, 16 July 2009


'A slice of history in the making'
by Sonia Shukla, Business Standard, 5 August 2009


'A divided society: where did it all go wrong?'
by Sujit Chowdhury, Deccan Herald, 19 September 2009


'The art of taking offence'
by Insiya Poonawala, The Telegraph (India), 25 September 2009


'Politics of Islam'
by Shaikh Mujibur Rehman, The HIndu, 10 November 2009


Review by Dan Margolis
Guernica, 17 November 2010


Why Salman Rusdie's book was burned
by Maureen FreelyWashington Post, 9 January 2011