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Embryo research, scientific patents and Greenpeace
Göteborgs-Posten, 2 January 2012


What is evil?
Debate with Simon Baron Cohen, Mark Vernon and David Jones
The Battle of Ideas
London, 30 October 2011


The best way to deal with xenophobia
New York Times
28 July 2011


Faith no more
New Statesman
25 July 2011


Multiculturalism at its limits?
Debate with Fero Sebej
'Europe talks to Europe', Bratislava, 30 September 2010


Why we should not censor ourselves
Index on Censorship, 18 December 2009


Offending the audience
Debate at 'All Together Now?: British Theatre after Multiculturalism' conference
Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick, 14 June 2009


Why the sacred is not sacred to me
Debate with Douglas Hedley and Hilary Lawson on 'Imagining the Sacred'
'When the Light Comes In' philosophy festival
The Globe at Hay, Hay on Wye, 31 May 2009


From fatwa and book burning to jihad and hate laws:
Twenty years of free speech wars

Debate with Tariq Modood,
Bishopsgate Institute, London, 12 February 2009


Twenty years after the fatwa
Discussion with Yasmin Alibhai Brown and Gideon Haigh
ABC Saturday Extra, 21 February 2009


Walking on eggshells
Comment is Free, 1 October 2008


Barack Obama, the presidential race and race in America
Debate with Candace Allen and David Roediger
Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, London, 23 September 2008


Out of bounds
Conference on 'Extremism and the Law: Free Speech in an Age of Terror'
London, 16 June 2008


Racial divisions
Response to Mark Pagel's review of my book Strange Fruit
Prospect online, June 2008


'Who speaks for me?'
Debate with Tanuka Loha
Catalyst, November / December 2006


'It's not where you come from, it's where you're going that matters'
Debate with Howard Jacobson, James Woudhuysen and Juliet Gardner
Part of Radio 3's 'Free Thinking Festival' in Liverpool
BBC Radio 3, 10 November 2006


The Dispatches debate: Muslims and free speech
Television debate with Imran Khan on whether the right to free speech should include the right to give offence
Dispatches, Channel 4, 23 October 2006
(This video is no longer an online for copyright reasons; I will uplaod one as soon as I can)


Debating Singer
The Philosophers' Magazine, Issue 36, 4th quarter 2006


Iconoclasts: Peter Singer
Debate on Peter Singer's philosophy
with Peter Singer, Andrew Linzey and Janet Radcliffe Richards
BBC Radio 4, 6 September 2006


'You won't find chimps having this debate'
Debate with Richard Ryder on the ethics of animal experimentation
Guardian, 14 June 2006


'Freedom of expression must include the licence to offend'
Debate oragnised by Intelligence Squared
Royal Geographical Society, London, 7 June 2006


'Hate speech in a plural society'
Talk given as part of a debate on the limits of hate speech speech
at an EU NGO forum on
'Incitement, hate speech and the right to free expression'
Lancaster House, London, 8-9 December 2005


'What does integration mean in Britain today?'
Exchange of letters with Bernard Crick
JCWI Bulletin, January 2005


'Too diverse?'
Response to David Goodhart's essay on immigration, diversity and solidarity
Prospect, March 2004


'Is there something wrong with humanism?'
Debate with Jeremy Stangroom,, August 2003


'Does multiculturalism work?'
Debate with Adam Kuper, Bonnie Greer and Farsad Khosrokhavar
Conference on 'Attention Seeking: Multiculturalism and the Politics of Recognition'
Institut Français, London, 16 November 2002


'Determining the self'
Debate with Colin Blakemore and Alan Munslow
Rewley House, Oxford, 6 November 2001


'Should we grant rights to apes?'
Debate with Peter Singer, Prospect, May 1999


'Annotated bibliography of nonsense'
Debate with Steve Fuller, Independent on Sunday, 28 June 1998