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Poetry of the Taliban edited by Alex Strick van Linschoeten & Felix Kuehn
Göteborgs-Posten, I July 2012


Five books on 'Morality without God'
The Browser, 23 September 2011


The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris
New Humanist, May 2011


Pathfinders by Jim-Al-Khalili
Independent, 22 October 2010


A Journey by Tony Blair
Bergens Tidende, 12 September 2010

The Black Jacobins by CLR James
normblog, 17 August 2010


The Quest for Meaning by Tariq Ramadan
Independent, 13 August 2010


The Uses of Pessimism by Roger Scruton
Observer, 6 June 2010


What Darwin Got Wrong by Jerry Fodor & Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini
Literary Review, March 2010


Reflections on the Revolution in Europe by Christopher Caldwell
New Humanist Online, 16 July 2009


Imagining India by Nandan Nilekani
Sunday Telegraph, 10 May 2009


Gray's Anatomy by John Gray
The Times, 25 April 2009


Darwin's Sacred Cause by Adrian Desmond and James Moore
Literary Review, February 2009


The Kingdom of Infinite Space by Raymond Tallis
Sunday Telegraph, 4 May 2008


American Prometheus by Kai Bird and Martin Sherwin
Sunday Telegraph, 13 January 2008


White King and Red Queen by Daniel Johnson
Sunday Telegraph, 18 November 2007


The Myth of Mars and Venus by Deborah Cameron
Sunday Telegraph, 4 November 2007


Faust in Copenhagen by Gino Segrè
Sunday Telegraph, 16 August 2007


Black Mass by John Gray
Sunday Telegraph, 8 July 2007


The Meaning of Life by Terry Eagleton
Sunday Telegraph, 29 April 2007


Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris
Sunday Telegraph, 4 March 2007


The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
Sunday Telegraph, 8 October 2006


Illusions of Identity by Amartya Sen
Prospect, August 2006


Londonistan by Melanie Phillips
Independent, 28 July 2006


Absent Minds by Stefan Collini
Sunday Telegraph, 14 May 2006


Breaking the Spell by Daniel Dennett
The Scotsman, 8 April 2006

So You Think You're Human? by Felipe Fernández Armesto
New Statesman, 5 April 2004

A Devil's Chaplain by Richard Dawkins
Sunday Telegraph, 16 February 2003


Freedom Evolves by Daniel Dennett
New Statesman, 10 February 2003


The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker and Straw Dogs by John Gray
Prospect, October 2002


Our Posthuman Future by Francis Fukuyama
New Statesman, 20 May 2002


Public Intellectuals by Richard Posner
New Statesman, 22 April 2002


The Future of Life by EO Wilson
Sunday Telegraph, 21 April 2002


The Metaphysical Club by Louis Menand
New Statesman, 3 February 2002


CLR James by Farrukh Dhondy
New Statesman, 30 July 2001


Animal Minds by Donald Griffin
and The Ape and the Sushi Master by Frans de Waal

Sunday Telegraph, 24 June 2001


Ornamentalism by David Cannadine
New Statesman, 7 May 2001


Science and Poetry by Mary Midgley
Times Literary Supplement, 2 March 2001


From Dawn to Decadence by Jacques Barzun
Independent on Sunday, 25 February 2001


Rocks of Ages by Stephen J Gould
New Statesman, 19 February 2001


Darkness in El Dorado by Patrick Tierney
New Statesman, 18 December 2000


Wagner and Philosophy by Bryan Magee
Sunday Telegraph, 1 November 2000


Civilisations by Felipe Fernández-Armesto
Independent on Sunday, 8 October 2000


Taboo by Jon Entine
Nature, 14 September 2000


Rattling the Cage by Stephen Wise
Nature, 18 August 2000


Between Camps by Paul Gilroy
and Who Do We Think We Are? by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Independent on Sunday, 11 June 2000


A Natural History of Rape by Randy Thornhill and Craig Palmer
Financial Times, 18 & 19 February 2000


Prometheus Bedeviled by Norman Levitt
Independent on Sunday, 26 August 1999


Mind, Language and Society by John Searle
Independent on Sunday, 25 April 1999


Consilience by EO Wilson
Independent on Sunday, 30 August 1998


Isaiah Berlin by Michael Ignatieff
Independent on Sunday, 25 October 1998


Knowledges by Peter Worsley and Evolution in Mind by Henry Plotkin
Independent, 31 January 1998


How the Mind Works by Steven Pinker
Independent on Sunday, 18 January 1998