hartung lithograph

OK, not the most important vote of the year, but 3 Quarks Daily has opened the voting for its 2014 Politics and Social Science blogging award. For those who don’t know this is an annual prize for the best blog post or online writing on politics and social science. There are this year 32 nominees, one of which is my ‘In Defence of Diversity’. 3QD readers get to vote on the nominated posts, to reduce the list to 20; the editors then whittle the 20 down to six; this year’s judge  Mark Blyth, professor of international political economy at Brown University, will then pick his top three.

So do read the entries, and then vote (for Pandaemonium, naturally :-)). The nominees are listed alphabetically by blog; ‘In Defence of Diversity’ is #16 on the list. Voting ends on March 13 at midnight NYC time. And thanks to those who take part.


The image is a Hans Hartung lithograph.

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