…to all those who have become Patrons of Pandaemonium. Last month I joined Patreon, a crowdfunding platform that allows supporters to help fund the work of writers, artists and musicians by making small monthly contributions. I have here explained the process more fully.

My heartfelt thanks to all those who have signed up (there is a Pandaemonium page with a list of patrons). I greatly appreciate your support, and I hope you will see the fruits in an improved Pandaemonium. I want later this year to launch a series of ebooks, podcasts and possibly videos, too. The idea of asking for support is to help make Pandaemonium a better space for discussion and debate.

If you haven’t signed up and wish to become a patron of Pandaemonium, I would greatly appreciate your support. You can read about it here, and sign up here.  You need first to set up a Patreon account (very easy) and then make a pledge to Pandaemonium (search for me by name or for Pandaemonium).

My thanks again to all the supporters of Pandaemonium, and most especially to all the patrons.

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