This is to say ‘thank you’ again to all those who have become patrons of Pandaemonium – I greatly appreciate your support. It is also to encourage others who would like to help Pandaemonium develop and grow (with the launch, too, of ebooks, podcasts and, possibly, videos) also to become patrons.

You can patronize Pandaemonium through Patreon, a crowdfunding platform for funding the work of writers, artists and musicians. Like a cross between Kickstarter and Paypal, Patreon allows supporters to make small monthly contributions – anything from $1 to $50 (or more if you wish…). Unlike, say, Kickstarter, it is not a one-time relatively large donation but a small recurring pledge. Here is a video explaining how it works:

The only difference is that on Pandaemonium, rather than asking you to make a payment for specific content, I am asking supporters to make a monthly contribution. Think of it as a kind of (voluntary) subscription. And in return for your pledge/subscription you will get some small goodies.

If you want to support Pandaemoniumhere is where you can sign up. You need first to set up a Patreon account (very easy) and then make a pledge to Pandaemonium (search for me by name or for Pandaemonium).

My thanks again to all the supporters of Pandaemonium, and most especially to all the patrons. I greatly appreciate your support.

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