It is exactly a year since I joined Patreon as a way of funding Pandaemonium.  So, ‘thank you’ to everyone who has become a patron – I greatly appreciate your support. I have not managed yet to launch some of the projects that I had hoped to, such as a podcast and ebooks – I have simply been too busy – but hopefully  they will appear this year.

Patreon, for those who don’t know, is a crowdfunding platform for funding the work of writers, artists and musicians. Like a cross between Kickstarter and Paypal, Patreon allows supporters to make small monthly contributions – anything from $1 to $50 (or more if you wish…). Unlike, say, Kickstarter, it is not a one-time relatively large donation but a small recurring pledge. Here is a video explaining how it works:

The only difference is that on Pandaemonium, rather than asking you to make a payment for specific content, I am asking supporters to make a monthly contribution. Think of it as a kind of (voluntary) subscription. And in return for your pledge/subscription you will get some small goodies. (I have contacted all current patrons about their rewards; I haven’t heard back from everyone, but do get in touch with me if you haven’t heard, or have not responded.)

If you are not already a patron of Pandaemonium, and would like to be, here is where you can sign up. You need first to set up a Patreon account (very easy) and then make a pledge to Pandaemonium (search for me by name or for Pandaemonium).

My thanks again to all the supporters of Pandaemonium, and most especially to all the patrons. I greatly appreciate your support.

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  1. claudia franco

    Thank you very much for your great work by Italy, I always read you and enjoy Pandaemonium. It is deep and easy to understand also for an Italian speaking a bad english.
    I will support as I can…

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