A while back, I joined Patreon, a crowdfunding platform for funding the work of writers, artists and musicians. Like a cross between Kickstarter and Paypal, Patreon allows supporters to make small monthly contributions – anything from $1 to $50 (or more if you wish…). Unlike, say, Kickstarter, it is not a one-time relatively large donation but a small recurring pledge. Here is a video explaining how it works:

The only difference is that on Pandaemonium, rather than asking you to make a payment for specific content, I am asking supporters to make a monthly contribution. Think of it as a kind of (voluntary) subscription. And in return for your pledge/subscription you will get some small goodies.

If you want to support Pandaemonium, here is where you can sign up. And here are the details of how to become a patron.

My thanks to all the those who have already become patrons. I greatly appreciate your support (and signed copies of the new edition of From Fatwa to Jihad are on the way to some of you).  The last eighteen months have been frantic and non-stop for Pandaemonium, covering everyone from populism to free speech, from Brexit to jihadism, from Donald Trump to Muhammad Ali, from immigration to the politics of identity, from embryo research to cultural appropriation. So frantic and non-stop, in fact, that many of the new projects that I had hoped to launch, including ebooks and podcasts, have still to get off the ground. I hope to get some of them off the ground  this year. Hopefully, especially with your support, this year should be even busier and better. So, thank you – and help me create more Pandaemonium.

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