thank you

To help fund improvements on Pandaemonium, I have joined Patreon, and I am asking supporters to become patrons. Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows supporters to help fund the work of writers, artists and musicians by making small monthly contributions. I have here explained the process more fully.

This is a list of all the patrons of Pandaemonium (in chronological order). My heartfelt thanks to all of you. I greatly appreciate your support, and I hope you will see the fruits in an improved Pandaemonium. And if you are not already on the list and want to become a patron, you can read about it here, and sign up here. My thanks again to all the supporters of Pandaemonium, and most especially to all the patrons.

Rania Hafez

Alexis Kennedy

Thomas Bowen Richardson

Peter Chater

Robert Mitchell

Jack Anderson

Gillian Sathanandan


Riley Haas

Paul WS Bowler



Sean Brennan

Marc J Charpentier

Jesus & Mo

Tobbe Janson

Alan Walker

Michel Alexandre Salim

Nihar Gondalia

Jørund Sørensen

Jill Brown

Omar Ali


Allan Gilmour

M Lettman-Laursen

Sparrow Read

Jori Ahvonen

Howard Johnston

Carina Bellico

James Thomas

Coel Hellier

Paul Ilott

Anders Lindeberg


Krysia Rozanska

Paul Wight

Donna D’Arco

Valerie S Van Clieaf


Kylie Roberts

Daniel Cunningham

Andrew Pullen

Carl Mattick

Conor McCrory

David Henshaw

John Gillard

Mark Wilks


Steph Keane

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