Over the past six years Pandaemonium has gone from being a tiny blog hosting weekly, small-scale posts to a major website carrying regular twice-weekly posts, and mostly longform essays. It has grown into a space for ideas and arguments that have helped shape the wider debate – on free speech, multiculturalism, radical Islam, immigration, religious freedom, moral reasoning and scientific advance – and a set of resources for those making a case for freedom, equality and reason.

It has built up a regular audience, too. Shortly after its fourth birthday, Pandaemonium received its millionth visitor. This year it bwelcomed its two-millionth. What heartens me even more is the development of a community of regular commenters on posts, often critical, but always welcome. I don’t unfortunately always have the time to reply to every comment (too busy writing the next post…), but I do appreciate them greatly, and Pandaemonium certainly wouldn’t be the same without that community.

I am hoping to Pandaemonium expand even further. I want to launch a series of ebooks, podcasts and possibly videos, too. All this will take time and resources. I have for a while thought about introducing advertising on Pandaemonium, but am reluctant to go down that road (though I may, in time, invite sponsorship).

So, instead, I am joining Patreon, and asking you to become a patron of Pandaemonium. Patreon is like a cross between Kickstarter and Paypal. It is a crowdfunding platform that allows supporters (that’s you, hopefully…) to help fund the work of writers, artists and musicians by making small monthly contributions – anything from $1 to $50 (or more if you wish…). Unlike, say, Kickstarter, it is not a one-time relatively large donation but a small recurring pledge. Here is a video explaining how it works:

The only difference is that on Pandaemonium, rather than asking you to make a payment for specific content, I am asking supporters to make a monthly contribution. Think of it as a kind of (voluntary) subscription. Pandaemonium will continue regardless. But, hopefully, it will become much better with some funding. And in return for your pledge/subscription you will get some small goodies:

For $1 a month – You will receive my gratitude, hopefully a better Pandaemonium, and your name on a special Pandaemonium page dedicated to those supporting the blog. Plus free copies of my ebooks as they are published.


For $5 a month – All the above. Plus signed copies of each of my future books as they are published. The next book will be new edition of From Fatwa to Jihad, due out in February.


For $10 a month – All the above. Plus, every year, a ticket (or a pair if that is feasible) to any meeting at which I am speaking if I can reasonably arrange it. And a 12×10 print of any photo from my photography website, Light Infusion.


More than $50 a month – A great big, wide-eyed ‘Wow’! A very large thank you. And, in addition to all of the above, for having given me the resources to allow me to write more freely, your name in the acknowledgements of my next book. And, if you arrange a meeting or lecture at which you would like me to speak, I will do my best to do so (though, if it is outside London, I will need travel and accommodation costs).

You can find here the details of becoming a Patron. And here is where you can become a patron of Pandaemonium.

Trying to fund Pandaemonium through Patreon is a leap in the dark. I hope, with your help, it works. Many thanks to all those who already support Pandaemonium, and even more thanks to the Patrons who do sign up.