There are few musical instruments that are, to my mind, as beguiling or as sensuous as the cello. And not just to the ear. The cello is equally bewitching to the eye. I have for many years been trying to learn the instrument. I suspect, though, that these photos may be a better tribute to the cello than my playing ever will be.


  1. Justiniano Liebl

    Hang in there Kenan. “The game is well worth the candle.” My violin is a miniature of your beautiful cello, and my efforts sound like a replicate of yours.

    I never had a music teacher in my life but I love music, so at 12 years I played the drum in our local “Boy Scout Drum and Bugle Corps”. At 15 years I “played on the trumpet”, at 17 years “I played on the saxophone” and at 22 years I began “playing on the violin”. No chance for music from my 28 years on that I spent traveling by canoe, horse and foot through the heat and rain of the jungles of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua in Central America until I got married at 53 years and began to raise our little family meanwhile keeping the rice and beans on the table with my accounting skills that I picked up on my own.

    Now at 85 years in the evenings of my “golden years” I can relax in the evenings for an hour or two while playing the music I love on the violin. I wish the same to you Kenan and much more. As I say, “hang in”, “the game is well worth the candle.”

    Justiniano de Managua

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