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The new Pandaemonium is slowly evolving. There is a new books page, and I have added the introductions to both From Fatwa to Jihad and Strange Fruit, as well as reviews of both books. I have put up, too, the opening section to my forthcoming book (or rather, extended essay) Multiculturalism and its Discontents, due out next month. There is now an online Pandaemonium bookshop (powered by Amazon) from which you can buy both my books and some of my favourite works from other authors, too.  There is a British and a US version of the bookshop; same books, different covers, different currency.

Finally, I have, as a way of introducing my writings, compiled a list of the 50 most relevant essays, talks and reviews published on Pandaemonium over the past few years, a kind of ‘Selected Works’ from the blog. If 50 sounds too many, there is also, culled from the original, an even more introductory list of 13 essays that I think best sets out my arguments and ideas:

What is wrong with multiculturalism?, Part 1 and Part 2

Why hate speech should not be banned

Notes on religious freedom

The facts, the myths and the framing of immigration

Who needs God?

Rethinking the idea of ‘Christian Europe’

Test tube truths

Abortion, infanticide, humanity, free speech

The wrong solution to the wrong problem

Why both sides are wrong in the race debate

The pleasures of pluralism, the pain of offence

Blank slates and straw dogs

To cast the Enlightenment in a radical light

Given the extent of changes to the blog, there will undoubtedly be all manner of glitches. Do let me know if you spot any problems. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the new Pandaemonium.


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