particle tracks3 Quarks Daily, the superb web-based magazine/portal, has relaunched its annual prize for the best blog and online writing on politics and social science. The judge this year will be Mark Blyth, professor of international political economy at Brown University.

Back in 2011 my essay on ‘Rethinking the Idea of Christian Europe’ won the 3QD prize for that year. In keeping with the 3QD tradition of self-nomination I have nominated for this year’s competition my essay ‘In Defence of Diversity’.

3QD readers get to vote on all the nominated posts, to reduce the list to 20; the editors then whittle the 20 down to six; Mark Blyth will then pick his top three. So, do nominate your favourite writing for the award, and vote (hopefully for my essay) when public voting begins next Friday.

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