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My book The Quest for a Moral Compass is published today!

Here is the opening section to the book, and an extract that discusses the meaning of morality in the modern world.

You can buy The Quest for a Moral Compass from most bookshops, from Amazon or via my Pandaemonium bookstore. The US version of the book comes out in September.


‘An absolute tour de force. I can imagine it replacing Bertrand Russell’s History of Western Philosophy on many a bookshelf – certainly mine.

Tom Holland


‘What I love about Kenan Malik’s book is its unashamed, unabashed ambition… The result is a tour de force of lucidity and narrative skill.’

Michael Ignatieff


‘This is intellectual history in the grand manner, in the tradition of Bertrand Russell’s History of Western Philosophy, written with the same clarity, accessibility and narrative verve as the master himself… We are all in Kenan Malik’s debt. This is a majestic and timely work.’

Jonathan Sacks


‘This is an extraordinarily rewarding investigation of the most striking, and contested, aspect of our humanity… To read it is not only to be better informed but also to be more alert to the assumptions that have guided human beings in the past, and to our capacity for  goodness and wickedness.’

Raymond Tallis


The Quest for a Moral Compass is a remarkable achievement… While demonstrating genuine command of the subtleties of the hundreds of topics covered, he consistently chooses the accessible, the concise, the precise, and the broad-ranging over the technical, theoretical, and trivial. I learned more than I can say and will no doubt be consulting this book often in the future.’

Austin Dacey



  1. krysia

    Congratulations, Kenan. Not sure if it is published in Australia but will order online and can’t wait to read it. What an achievement. I’ve enjoyed reading about it’s journey.

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