I love marshlands. Big skies, vast horizons, stretched perspectives, forgotten history recorded in lost villages and abandoned buildings, bleakness and beauty, natural and human, intertwined. These are photos from three marshes in southern England – the Norfolk Broads, mainly along the River Ant, the Romney Marshes in Kent, and the Isles of Sheppey and Grain along the Thames estuary. More photos are on my photography website Light Infusion and on Flickr and 500px.


The Norfolk Broads

broads sky


sailing in the broads

st benets abbey

mill abandoned

almost too dark for reflection


The Romney Marshes

faifax church 1

fairfax church 2

fairfax church 3

sunset on the marsh


Along the Thames Estuary

isle of sheppey

isle of grain 2

ilse of grain 1

wading birds

uncommonly blue

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  1. I love these photos. Like you, I love these bleak marshlands and places where the boundary between sea and land is indeterminate and the two mingle.

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