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The politics/philosophy blog Crooked Timber organised recently an online symposium on political philosopher Joseph Carens’ book, The Ethics of Immigration. I wrote a  contribution; the responses of the other contributors are here. Joseph Carens has now responded to the various arguments:

It is an author’s dream for his or her work to receive the sort of wide-ranging, substantive, thoughtful and generous reactions that this symposium on my book has elicited. So, I want to begin by expressing my deep appreciation to Chris Bertram for organizing the symposium and to all of the contributors, including Chris, for their comments. Among other things, I felt that all of the contributors understood my project and discussed it in a fairminded way, whether they agreed with me or not. That is not always the case in these sorts of exchanges, and I feel fortunate to have had this set of interlocutors.

Carens’ reply is in two parts. The first part engages with the contributions from Chris Bertram, Jo Shaw, Sarah Fine, Phil Cole, Speranta Dumitru and myself, the second with the comments of David Owen, Michael Blake, Kieran Oberman, Ryan Pevnick, Brian Weatherson and Patti Lenard. The whole symposium will hopefully be published as a e-book.

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