starry night detail

Better than a sermon on Xmas day… a discussion of the history of morality, and of the state of contemporary moral thinking, with Philip Petit and Natasha Circa on Australia’s ABC Radio.


For more discussions on morality see my talks on ‘Where do values come from’ at London’s RSA and ‘Without a moral safety net’ at the Glasgow Aye Write Festival. Or just get my book, The Quest for a Moral Compass.




The image is a detail from Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night

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  1. Tony Buck

    In his adolescent years, my father lived opposite a celebrated moral philosopher, who is often still mentioned in books.

    That moral philosopher lived on the back (almost literally) of a serf; an elderly working-class woman, bowed down and grim-faced from the task of skivvying for the professor and his family.

    So stuff moral philosophy and contemporary moral thinking. Try a sermon instead.

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