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The Israeli elections are coming up. The British elections are coming up. But before all that there’s a different kind of vote: for the annual 3 Quarks Daily Politics and Social Science blogging award. For those who don’t know,  3 Quarks Daily is a wonderful web-based magazine/portal which annually hosts an award for the best online writing on politics and social science. There are this year 29 nominees, one of which is my essay ‘Assimilationism vs multiculturalism’. 3QD readers get to vote on the nominated posts, to reduce the list to 20; the editors then whittle the 20 down to six; this year’s judge Kenneth Roth, the executive director of Human Rights Watch, will then pick his top three.

So do read the various entries, and then vote (for Pandaemonium, naturally :-)). The nominees are listed alphabetically by blog; ‘Assimilationism vs multiculturalism’ is #19 on the list. Voting ends on 11 March, at midnight New York time. And thanks to all those who take part (and most especially for those who vote for Pandaemonium!).


The photo is Alexander Rodchenko’s portrait of Lilya Brik.

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