‘Fynbos’ means ‘fine bush’ in Afrikaans. It describes a narrow coastal belt, up yo 200 km wide, in the Cape region of South Africa.  The fynbos comprises  much of the Cape Floral Kingdom, one of the world’s six Floral Kingdoms  – and the tiniest. It is, though, incredibly rich and concentrated, considerably richer than rainforests. There are in the Cape Floral Kingdom more than 9,000 plant species,  of which 70 per cent are endemic. The Cape Peninsula alone has more than 2000 species on an area a third the size of London. More than a third of all plant species in South Africa occur in the Cape Floral Kingdom, even though the Kingdom occupies less than  per cent of the area of the country. So, some photos of some of that diversity, taken mainly in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and in the De Hoop Nature Reserve. For more photos, see my photographic website, Light Infusion (from where you can also buy prints), or my collections on flickr and 500px.





















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