Not a sermon for Christmas Day, but a conversation I had with sociologist and broadcaster Laurie Taylor on God and godlessness.  It was one in a ‘daisy chain’ of discussions on belief organized by 5×15 at the Wellcome Collection in London in December 2012. The daisy chain featured, as well as Laurie Taylor and myself, Laurie’s son Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA, Nick Spencer, director of research at the religious think tank Theos, and Linda Woodhead, Professor of the Sociology of Religion at Lancaster University, each interviewing the next daisy in the chain, as it were. The video here is just of amy conversation with Laurie Taylor. Hope you enjoy. And Merry Christmas all!


  1. Callan

    Merry Christmas Kenan! Thank you for your writing this year, it is a pleasure to have discovered such a lucid, elegant thinker.

    • Btw, allow me to say that I used “mankind” reluctantly, as there is no satisfying neutral that refers to the collective. I prefer to use “humanity” as an attitudinal word.

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