Jacob Lawrence, The Libraries are Appreciated (1943)

This is just a short note to apologize if posting on Pandaemonium is slightly erratic over the next year. I have started work on a new book which unpacks ideas of “whiteness” – white supremacy, white identity, white privilege. More details in due course. But working on a book may mean that posts are a bit more irregular than normal. My apologies, but I hope you continue enjoying what is posted here – and the book, too, when it eventually appears. And thanks to all my readers for their support.


  1. I love your writing and will look forward to this book. I learned that Jews, along with Italians, were only classified as ‘white’ in the US around the 1950s. Someone told me this anecdotally but I found it interesting. Whatever you unpack will be fascinating.

    • Thanks Julia. Yes, there was a long process by which not just Jews and Italians but also the Irish, other southern Europeans,East Europeans, etc (in other words, non-Anglo-Saxons) became redefined as being “white”.

  2. Alexander

    Wonderful! Love to read it.
    Will there will be any new prints of “The meaning of race”? Its expensive as fuck in Swedish book stores, its at 90£, no kidding. And i would prefer not to support Amazon.

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