I was in Cornwall earlier this month, and I finally got round to visiting the Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of Heligan. The Eden Project is vastly overrated and grossly overpriced. There is something in its noisy mix of crass didacticism and rampant commercialism that renders it soulless and makes my heart sink. The Lost Gardens were, however, an unexpected find. I normally think of visiting gardens as barely a step above visiting country houses; and I’d rather watch Jeremy Kyle than spend a day at Chatsworth. And, yet, there was something unexpectedly magical about Heligan. I don’t buy all the guff about wanting to turn it back into something ‘authentic’. Nevertheless, even on a wet and windy day, when it was often sheeting with rain, the Gardens were wonderfully ethereal, a work as much of the imagination as of compost and sweat. And so, inevitably, some photos.

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