London’s Olympic Park, that is. A day of colour, shape and speed. The speed came from, among others, the incomparable Usain Bolt, strolling through the 200m heats and the women in the 5000m heats. The shape from the stadia, especially Zaha Hadid’s Aquatic Centre. And the colour, quite unexpectedly, from the spectacular wildflower planting in the Park.


The photos, from top down: Usain Bolt strolling to victory in the 200m heats; Japan’s Fukushima and Italy’s Weissteiner in the 5000m heats; two views of the Orbit observation tower, two of the Stadium, and two of the Aquatic centre; the temporary seating bolted on to the Aquatic Centre; and a field of wildflowers below the Stadium.


  1. MetalBoxProducts

    Good photo’s, as to be expected. I really like the more abstract of them. The fifth is classic counterpose and reminds me of the wooden roller coasters (know as WOODY’S) at the Pleasure Beach on a sunny day. It’s the white against the sky.

    Thanks you very much.


  2. Erika

    Urban flower gardens are changing aren’t they? Thanks for the wildflower photos

    – from one who is in charge of an urban park’s planting (Village of 1,000 – not sure if you can call that urban, and I’m a volunteer so I get lots of latitude). Nice!

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