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I was a guest last week on Neil Denny’s Little Atoms show on Resonance FM, talking about the history of morality. Also on the show was Rebecca Goldstein, author of the wonderful Plato at the Googleplex, discussing Plato and his relevance. Unfortunately the two interviews were recorded separately, so we were not able to discuss issues on air. Nevertheless it was an honour to find myself on the same show.

I have also uploaded here videos of a couple of other talks I have given in recent months on similar themes. The first is a talk on ‘Where do values come from?’, introducing my book The Quest for a Moral Compass, at the RSA in London. The second is an interview I gave about a talk on ‘The Enlightenment and the “Death of God”‘ at the Kreisky Forum in Vienna. There is a transcript of a longer version of the RSA talk that I gave at the Glasgow Aye Write Festival in April.


Where do values come from?


The Enlightenment and the ‘Death of God’


  1. De Te Fabula Narratur

    You’re an interesting and intelligent writer and thinker, Mr Malik. But IMO you’re also very wrong on certain important topics: immigration, race, free speech, inter alia. Need I mention your activities in the 1980s as proof that intelligent human beings can be both very certain and very wrong about the way the world works?

    From another thread:

    What reply that I didn’t allow through? You’ve made dozens of hostile, occasionally abusive, comments on Pandaemonium, all which I have published, many of which I have responded to.

    I think you’re mistaking me for someone else. I haven’t made dozens of comments here and I’ve never been abusive. And I’ve posted a few comments that haven’t been published, so I think they might have been treated as spam.

  2. Tony Buck

    As a cynic once told me, any morality involves doing things you don’t want to do, and abstaining from things you do want to do.

    So why be moral ?

    Religious faith aside, it’s a question of “Be good, and if you can’t be good, be careful.”

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