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The slideshow above is of photos from Light Infusion, my photography site. All  the photos there are available as prints (very handy for Christmas…).

And below are some of my favourite photos from 2014, some of which I have already published on Pandaemonium. My images of New York I published over three posts, Darkness falls on Manhattan, On the High Line, day and night and The Big Apple in black and white. The photos of London at sunset were taken from Shooters Hill in south east London, and come from a series I published as London in darkness and light. Orford Ness, on the Suffolk coast, once a Ministry of Defence research facility, now a nature reserve, is one of the strangest places I have visited in Britain, desolate and derelict, haunting and wild, beautiful and bleak, and visually extraordinary. The Romney marshes is another place I love for its bleakness and desolation; the photos here are of St Thomas a Becket church in Fairfield, used for the filming of the 2011 BBC adaptation of Great Expectations. They were originally in a post I published on three marshes in southern England. Dungeness, at the edge of the Romney Marshes, is not just bleak and desolate but eccentric, too – little wonder that Derek Jarman chose to live there. The beach is littered with the remains of old boats and huts and machinery; there is something almost American about the landscape. The ‘Coastal light’ photos were taken in Aberdovey in north Wales. The curves and movement of Zaha Hadid’s Aquatic Centre in London’s Olympic Park have always reminded me of Bridget Riley’s op art paintings, hence the title of the set here, ‘Zaha Hadid meets Bridget Riley’.  The final set is of a full moon shot through the blossom of a magnolia tree, making for pictures both eerie and ethereal.


The Big Apple in black and white

view from the rock 2

grand central

washington park



Darkness falls on London

shooters hill 1

shooters hill 2


The strangeness of Orford Ness

orford ness 20

orford ness 23

orford ness 2

orford ness 5


St Thomas a Becket on Romney Marshes

fairfax church 3

fairfax church 2


Derelict in Dungeness

dungeness 5

dungeness 1

dungeness 2

dungeness 3

dungeness 7


Coastal light

coastal light 1

coastal light 2

coastal light 3


Zaha Hadid meets Bridget Riley

hadid 2

hadid 1

hadid 3

hadid 4


Moon and blossom

blossom and moon 3

blossom and moon 1

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