As a coda to my debate with Anshuman Mondal on free speech, here are three videos and an audio clip in which I explore some of the issues, particularly in the context of the Rushdie affair. The first is a short film I made for Faculti, the academic video site, about my book From Fatwa to Jihad. The second is a debate about the Rushdie Affair that I had with Tariq Modood on BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week in 2009, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fatwa against Salman Rushdie. The final pair of videos are of a conversation that I had with Hanif Kureishi at the Festival of Asian Literature in London in 2011.The conversation was not simply about free speech, but ranged over issues of racism, identity, Islam, writing and much else. It provided a useful context within which to think about free speech.


From Fatwa to Jihad
Faculti, 2014


Debating the Rushdie affair
BBC Radio 4, Start the Week, February 2009


‘Saying it as it is’
A conversation with Hanif Kuresihi
Festival of Asian Literature, London, May 2011

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