I am giving a number of talks in Sri Lanka over next couple of weeks, mainly at the Galle Literary Festival, and largely about my book, The Quest for a Moral Compass:


16 January, Galle Literary Festival

I will be talking about the history of moral thought. From the programme:

Kenan Malik explores the history of moral thought as it has developed over three millennia, from Homer’s Greece to Mao’s China, from ancient India to modern America. He tells the stories of the great philosophers, and breathes life into their ideas, while also challenging many of our most cherished moral beliefs.

At the Maritime Museum, 11-12


16 January, Galle Literary Festival

A ‘Literary Dinner’, with Jeet Thayil & myself. I will be talking briefly about about the history of ethics, while Jeet Thayal will give readings from his books.

At the Galle Fort Hotel, 20.00-22.00


20 January, British Council Library, Colombo

I will be ‘in conversation’ with Smriti Daniel , talking about my life, my work, my books.  The details are yet to be confirmed.


23 January, Jaffna Public Library

Part of the Galle Literary festival, but in Jaffna, I will be talking about the history of moral thought.

At the Jaffna Public Library, 11-12.


Contact the Galle Literary Festival or the British Council for details. And if you are a Pandaemonium reader in Colombo, Galle or Jaffna, do come and say hello.


  1. damon

    I was in Sri Lanka this time last year. I thought that they were the nicest people in the whole world (generally speaking of course). And the country seemed so peaceful too.
    Even in Jaffna and the north which I went to also.
    The east coast and the north were my favourite parts.

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