Last year I gave a talk at the Oslo Freedom Forum on free speech and self-censorship. I also gave an interview to Google Ideas. It has now been published as part of a series of Google Ideas interviews from the Oslo Freedom Forum called Censored. Here is the original speech I gave, followed by the Google Ideas interview.



  1. De Te Fabula Narratur

    Your comments are more pertinent than ever after the those appalling attacks in Cologne by Jimmy Savile and Tommy Robinson. The attempted cover-up by the German government and media was a clear attack on free speech. Without the ability to challenge the hideously white power-structure and fight for the rights of women, gays and other vulnerable minorities, how will we realize Leon Trotsky’s dreams of true human freedom?

    But of course freedom is indivisible and free speech MUST be accompanied by an immediate and unconditional opening of Fortress Europe’s heavily militarized borders to the Third World. After that, with many millions more Muslims and blacks in Europe, not only will we see no repetition of what happened in Cologne, we will give free speech a shot in the arm that will keep it bouncing for centuries. Free speech + open borders = Libertarian Utopia. Just ask J.S. Mill or Thomas Jefferson. Or Leon Trotsky.

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