London is interlaced with a network of old canals and hidden rivers. Walking the network is a treat, providing a new perspective on the city and its history, especially for a photographer. The waterways are lined with buildings that reveal surprising colours and shapes. And, of course, there are reflections and distortions aplenty.

The photographs here are from a recent walk in east London from Limehouse to the Olympic Park in Stratford, along the Limehouse Cut and the River Lee. The photos are, from top down: The entrance to the Limehouse Tunnel; reflections of trees in an oily Limehouse Cut; flats along the Limehouse Cut; a warehouse near Bow Locks; buildings at the entrance to Three Mills Island; sunlight through a lamp at Three Mills Island; under a bridge over the River Lee; reflections of a railway bridge over the River Lee; more reflections in the River Lee; graffiti on a warehouse near the Olympic Park; the Aquatics Centre in the Olympic Park; detail from the Aquatic Centre; the Westfield Centre, Stratford.

limehouse to stratford

limehouse to stratford-2

limehouse to stratford-3

limehouse to stratford-4

limehouse to stratford-14

limehouse to stratford-5

limehouse to stratford-6

limehouse to stratford-8

limehouse to stratford-15

limehouse to stratford-9

limehouse to stratford-11

limehouse to stratford-12

limehouse to stratford-13


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