Koszeg Sacred Heart Church 3

Kőszeg is a small Hungarian town almost on the Austrian border. Its roots lie in the 13th century, and it is suffused with history, and full of architectural gems. Its churches are historically fascinating, being witness to shifting religious alliances and affiliations, and often strikingly beautiful. I did not, unfortunately, have the chance to visit many. The two here are St James’ Church, built at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries  supposedly from the remnants of a demolished Franciscan convent and church, and which has changed congregations several times through its history;  and the Sacred Heart Church, the ecclesiastic centre of Kőszeg, built at the end of the 19th century, and which contains some remarkable pillars, the backstory of which I do not know. There is also the view of the Sacred Heart Church from the tower of the seventeenth century St Emeric’s Church, which stands next to St james’ Church.


Windows of St James Church

Koszeg St James Church 1

Koszeg St James Church 2


Sacred Heart Church


Koszeg View from St Emeric Church

Koszeg Sacred Heart Church 2

Koszeg Sacred Heart Church 4

Koszeg Sacred Heart Church 8

Koszeg Sacred Heart Church 6



  1. Michael Hallihane

    Catholic? I’ve never seen such colour and patterns in a church like that. Quite mesmerising.

    • Yes, it is Catholic. In central and eastern Europe there is often a mixture of Western, Orthodox, Arab and Turkish traditions, which can produce some quite remarkable forms. However, this cultural mixing was more common in the medieval and early modern periods. The Sacred Heart Church was built later (at the end of the nineteenth century) which makes it more surprising.

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