A few years ago, I set up a Patreon account to help fund improvements to Pandaemonium. Patrons have been incredibly generous, and I am thankful for all the support I have received. However, I have not had the time and space to do much of what I hoped to do, such as digital books and podcasts. And now I am working on a (physical) book, due out autumn next year, which means that I have even less time to keep Pandaemonium regularly updated – it has in recent months slipped from twice a week to sometimes twice a week, and the posting schedule may get more erratic, as the pressure of book deadlines begin to loom more sharply. So, I have decided close down the Patreon account. I greatly appreciate all the support, but it’s no longer viable or appropriate to keep it going. My thanks again to all the Patrons, past and present, who have supported me. I hope you continue reading Pandaemonium and the book, too, when it is published next year (more details about which I will post in due course). 


  1. krysia

    Dear Kenan. Congratulations on your future book. Perhaps we can help you with future plans. Thanks for everything! Krysia

    • Thanks, and good to hear from you. I sent you (like I did everyone) a message on Patreon, but you may not be able to access it anymore. Thanks for your support, hope you are doing well, and keep in touch.

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