Bridget Riley Untitled (Fragment 1/7) (courtesy the Tate)

As you have probably noticed, posting on Pandaemonium has been erratic recently. This is largely the result of my working on a new book, the provisional title of which is Not So Black and White: The History of Race From White Supremacy to the Politics of Identity. (The actual title will be finalised in the New Year.) It is a history of the interaction between race, class and identity, placing contemporary debates, particularly about the politics of identity, in the context of a long history. It will be published by Hurst by the end of next year (though that, of course, depends on when I finish writing it). More news in due course, and perhaps extracts, too. But, in the meantime, my apologies if posting on Pandaemonium gets even more erratic.


  1. tony ward

    I believe there is a common misapprehension about the link between slavery and race. Please give attention to the historic prevalence of slavery in Islamic nations, as well as in many other cultures and periods (such as 12th century England) where race would not have been a factor.

  2. clive mitchell

    Dear Kenan

    Thanks I wish you success with the work.

    The Bridget Riley is wonderful.




  3. Nancy Hanover

    I look forward to reading your next book, having found both The Meaning of Race and Strange Fruit extremely valuable. I encourage everyone to explore The New York Times’ 1619 Project and the Racialist Falsification of History by North and Mackaman, and visit the compilation of related writings here: The dangers of the growth of racialism (the promotion of divide-and-conquer under the guise of a “left-wing” cover has huge political and financial interests behind it) are immense.

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