Man, Beast and Zombie: What Science Can and Cannot Tell Us About Human Nature is both a history of the attempts to provide a scientific account of human nature and a critical appraisal of contemporary sciences of human nature, in particular evolutionary psychology and neuroscience. Its aim is to ask ‘What is it to be human?’ and to explore the limits and contradictions of the scientific understanding of the human condition.

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’The most insightful and thoughtful account of the contemporary claims of science.’
Roy Porter

‘A ray of common sense in a fog of pseudoscience.’
Steve Jones

Man, Beast and Zombie is wonderfully written, rigorously argued, witty, knowledgeable and balanced in its judgements.’
Raymond Tallis, Prospect

‘He manages to convey an amazing range of controversial history in a style that is always clear, sharp and eloquent… A helpful and important book.’
Mary Midgley, London Evening Standard

’An admirable, truly humanist work’
Noga Arikha, TLS