The Meaning of Race explores the origins and history of ideas of racial differences, arguing that the concept of race is a means through which Western societies have come to understand the relationship between humanity, nature and society. It re-examines the role of racial ideas in the Enlightenment, clarifies the nature of scientific racism and presents a critique of postmodern theories of difference.

You can buy in the Pandaemonium bookshop in Britain or the USA.

‘An important, cogent and illuminating book…brilliantly ambitious.’
AC Grayling, Financial Times

‘Kenan Malik has done the almost impossible: written a clear and dispassionate book about a murky and passionate subject.’
Steve Jones

‘Learned, controversial, polemical, Kenan Malik’s exploration of the ‘race question’ is timely and incisive. Read it and be challenged.’
A Sivanandan

‘A work of prodigious learning’
Sam Pryke, Sociological Review

‘Illuminating, often provocative, always stimulating’
Marek Kohn

‘A must-read book’
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Independent

‘Important and readable’
Desmond King, THES

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