The Meaning of Race, first published in 1996, explores the origins and history of ideas of racial differences, arguing that the concept of race is a means through which Western societies have come to understand the relationship between humanity, nature and society. It re-examines the role of racial ideas in the Enlightenment, clarifies the nature of scientific racism and presents a critique of postmodern theories of difference.

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‘An important, cogent and illuminating book…brilliantly ambitious.’
AC Grayling, Financial Times

‘Kenan Malik has done the almost impossible: written a clear and dispassionate book about a murky and passionate subject.’
Steve Jones

‘Learned, controversial, polemical, Kenan Malik’s exploration of the ‘race question’ is timely and incisive. Read it and be challenged.’
A Sivanandan

‘A work of prodigious learning’
Sam Pryke, Sociological Review

‘Illuminating, often provocative, always stimulating’
Marek Kohn

‘A must-read book’
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Independent

‘Important and readable’
Desmond King, THES