The new edition of From Fatwa to Jihad, with an Afterword (and a new subtitle) is published today.

You can read an extract from the new Preface, and watch two Faculti videos I made about the original edition.

You can buy the book from most bookshops, or from Amazon. Patrons of Pandaemonium who contribute more than $5 a month get a free copy. I will be in touch!


‘Gripping… The Rushdie affair has shaped all our lives. This book shows us how.’

Hanif Kureishi


‘An important intervention in the current debate on freedom of expression’

Monica Ali


‘A riveting political history… Impeccably researched, brimming with detail, yet razor-sharp in its argument.’

Lisa Appignanesi, Independent


‘Few writers have untangled the paradoxes and unintended consequences of political Islam as deftly as Malik does here.’

Maureen Freely, Washington Post


From Fatwa to Jihad tells, for the most part brilliantly, this baleful tale… a challenge to boneheads on both the right and the left.’

Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times


‘The great appeal of From Fatwa to Jihad is its pitiless observation… which raises it above the easy standards of one-sided polemic. No one gets away.’

Faisal Gazi, Guardian


‘A valuable and sophisticated attempt to understand some of the most troubling phenomena of our time, without resort to oversimplification.’

Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal


‘Seldom can a book have had a more searing relevance to contemporary events. Seldom has a book offered a more revealing portrait of both a religion and a nation’s frail carapace and intellectual and moral failings.’

Lindsay Johns, New Humanist


‘A detailed and arresting recount and analysis of recent history and a valuable contribution to Rushdie’s own cause of free speech.’

Sudeep Paul, Indian Express


‘An admirable piece of reportage… subtle and intelligent’

Stuart Kelly, Scotsman


  1. Peter Splinter

    Dear Mr. Malek,
    Congratulations.I look forward to reading your book.
    In advertising its availability from on-lie vendors, could you also mention the Book Depository, which seems to be a better employer and corpoarate citizen than Amazon.
    Thanks for your consideration.

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